Precise Exposure partners with Theatrical On Demand®, Gathr Films.


Gathr Films is a technology-based specialty theatrical distributor for documentaries and issues-oriented films. In the past indie filmmakers have submitted their films to film festivals never to be seen by the public. Theatrical On Demand® offers filmmakers an innovative platform to promote their films in theaters.

We are excited to partner with Theatrical On Demand®, Gathr Films. We believe the partnership is mutually beneficial as Precise Exposure offers filmmakers, casting directors, and producers access to our dynamic talent pool. This exchange fosters a network for facilitating collaborative ideas and sharing opportunities among creatives. Our goal is to highlight underrepresented independent artist by hosting films illustrating thought provoking content.

We are hosting films in select theaters, in the Atlanta area beginning June 2019. We have committed to donating a percentage of the ticket sales to select non-profit organizations when the content of the film addresses cultural diversity or social injustices. To learn more information on how to support filmmakers and request films, please visit


Advanced Purchase Required. The films will only screen if the minimum number of reservations has been met. If the threshold isn’t met, then the event is called off.  Ticket holders are notified that the screening is canceled and your credit cards won’t be charged.  Any credit card holds for tickets reserved will be canceled automatically with no charge to patrons.